Frequently Asked Questions is a set of tools that will help you do marketing & advertising attribution.

We currently have 2 core products:

Our javascript widget makes it so you can do cross-domain storage on any domain. Great for tracking URL variables across-domains.

Our universal pixel helps you stack multiple tracking pixels into 1, while customizing the actual look. Great for tracking non-javascript or ad block users, and minimizing network calls.

We started with a freemium SaaS business model in mind. We will always have a free JS snippet, and universal pixel. But, we do have plans on having paid accounts, eventually.

It's a tool that was built out of necessity, and as long as it continues to be useful it will be around.

If you are interested in a customized or white-label version for your business, or consultation on how to implement, we have those.

It's a project sponsored by & built by Jordan Coeyman .

It's built for marketers, or marketing agencies who have limited front and back end resources, and need to move fast.

This is for anyone whos been faced with tying together multiple different campaigns, platforms, domains, into one tracking solution.

A tool like this would be expensive to create yourself, so I wanted to create something that could help more than just me and my few clients.

No. is built entirely without any dedicated servers, or databases using Cloudflare Workers only.

It does not store, and will never store your data without your permission.

In the future, we may offer paid level accounts, but we will never sell your data without permission.

The client side script ( loader.js ) & IFrame source code is available for you to audit at anytime.

Yes. Contact Jordan Coeyman if you are interested in this.

Yes. Contact Jordan Coeyman if you are interested in this.